The Beauty of Noise

This is the primitive digital version of an upcoming boxed set featuring Noisebox.exe

Noisebox is a virtually endless collection of 25 years worth of music instrumentals and a few with vocals, as well as the Project Warlock full OST, re-released in physical form with permission. For twenty-five bucks its well worth it and practically a steal. You would be paying for years of work, with $11 manufacturing costs included as well as shipping. The music will come on a flash drive within a CD case featuring artwork by the one and only Nate Vaught. Vaught generally does death metal and darker covers, which some of my songs could be considered (dark not death metal) but honestly I just like his artwork and it seemed fitting. It does include a hardcoded music player within a vast set of panels for all of the albums complete with info and some with photos of various things related to the era or release.

If interested, I would already like to thank you for listening and your consideration to support.

February 28, 2024