Stitched Together EP

An EP I made for my wife, for her birthday!

August 6, 2023
Last year for Valentine's Day 2022 I wrote a poem for my wife while on a 12-hour shift at work. It took me all day using small pieces of paper and the end product had made her cry. This was due to the fact her real gift was running late. Now, with a recording station set up this summer at my parents' RV, I morphed it into a song! I chose this RV because my parents have no neighbors, and I have hundreds. I could have been as loud as I had wanted :)

I accompanied it with Stitched Together, a song about marriage with a reference to something she said shortly after we met about how we should just stitch our hands together. The final track uses her favorite pasttime, art, and mine, writing, as metaphors for our future. The whole EP is available here at bandcamp.

These are following my first attempted song for her with vocals, a cover song of a Tears For Fears original in the style of Gary Jules. The song is called Mad World. I hope you enjoy all of these, as I do intend on singing more in the future! These were all released for the 29th, my wife's birthday!