About Me

I'm Jerry. I live in Indiana, where there really isn't much more than just corn and houses. I'm near Indianapolis where there are skyscrapers and city streets but surrounded in fully corn and a few trees in comparison. Needless to say other than working as a US Postal Mailhandler, there's not much to do, so I make music for fun.

In 2017, however, I've been picked up through Buckshot Software for my attempts to make music for the Classic DOOM community ending in a future level designer for Buckshot finding me. Now I'm a PRO Soundtrack Guy! We've even been acknowledged and co-published by the one and only John Romero who was one of the original creators of DOOM.

Other than that I still make hundreds of tracks both for fun and practice as well as play really old games I manage to find. My favorite obviously is DOOM, which still has a massive following of hundreds of thousands of mappers and players. I even liked the clones like Nitemare 3-D most found boring and tedius. Back in the day, they were all the shit to me.