Loki's Realm [coming 2002/2003]
This is the future site of a project called Loki's Realm. The website/book is complete but most of the pages are empty. some i will fill soon, others i can't until game completion. Screenshots will exist in july/august.,,..,,...,,.,..,..,,.,.,.. :: Features: JDoom source port enhanced. 32 Colossal Levels, most split into 3 or 4 sub-levels and containing a main section sort of like a hexen hub. Hi-resolution graphics (Textures/Flats), MP3 MUSIC! not only will it have 32 mp3s but also intermissions, finales, titles, and each level mp3 will be about 10 minutes long with 3 or 4 tunes dipped into the main ambience of the level's atmosphere. MD2 models with new skins, and finally, a new plot far superior to anything i've written before, hopefully having a little twisted humor implemented too. soon, after Cheb's Model Pack II is officially released, and i get everything into shape for the first 7 levels at least, i'll release a demo. after that itll be about 4-5 months before the full release of Loki's Realm, maybe even more depending on how pleased i am with the finished game. I'm trying HARD to make the levels as different from the average doom wad as possible
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