Out at my parents' house lies a garage with a small partition that is used as a vacation office/music studio. I come out here when I am feeling inspired and generate some goods. At the moment, the guitar hookup isn't up to par, but I've yet to install my firewire card and mixing board to the newer PC.

I have 100+ pocket journals on the top left shelf. These are for ideas and notes, structuring things, reminding myself of things, and have lasted since early 2011. I also have a USB drawer made for screws but used for flash drives. There are of course regular journals with main ideas written on their spines. I have a massive library of PC multimedia and programming books, mainly from college 2003-2005. There's of course a big computer with a rainbow JBL speaker and a CRATE amp from 1995. We keep some mice pals we come to feed all the time when I'm in record mode, which otherwise still get fed. There's a tiny corner shelf with my start of the collected mini-arcade machines. The first ones are of course my favorites, and I've yet to get them all. There are hundreds upon hundreds of blank cds and dvds for many purposes, and little 12-Disc plastic booklets I bought from used for library audio books that I use for archiving things.