August 14, 2018
Welcome to yet another of like 40 website remakes since the year 1994. I have 1999-2017 archived, and they will be available on a seperate website for curious perusing. Let's begin.

Last year on July 1st I began work on the soundtrack to Project Warlock, and am now 100 tracks strong! It comes out in a couple of months, so keep yourself updated at @facebook @twitter and where it will all be announced. There were five themes to the levels, art and music: medieval, antarctic, egyptian, industrial, and hell. Since my guitar was out of commission, I teamed up with Luke Wilson who currently resides in Arizona for hell. We used to know each other way back in high school, and now together we run a game design music company Absolute Audio.

Also in new news, Will and Jerry has returned for a cleaner approach to comedy. We'll still have science fiction stories and raunch, just far less raunch. Not to the point where therapists need called and fans need help. Currently, we have no home studio. We also just have a few songs ready to record when we do. "TV Dinners" was written recently and my previous "Math Not Meth" will have a new home. Other tracks include "Time Out" "Data Transfer (Nerdy Love Song)" and "Otherworldly" Parts 1 and 2.

I also have completed the fourth installment of 8-Bit Armageddon, simply titled Armageddon. I don't like it as much as the others, but on certain days I think it's a pretty cool collection. I composed it just before and just after the creation of the Project Warlock soundtrack.