My newest ongoing project I am most proud of right now will be the "Monthly EP" site which will each month release a 25min to 35min (or longer) EP for free which starts with October 2018. I've had this idea for some years but never got around to it. I was going to have just one song per week but I like this deadline a little better. The first EP to be on here, Postmortem EP, is a collection of tracks I made for two japanese guys working on a dungeon game, which would have been my third soundtrack, but they never got back with me because they used twitter and I rarely get on twitter let alone check all my notifications. Their dungeon game did look pretty awesome and if they decided to use someone else in the period of time I didn't respond, I will still link to their game if I can later find it online, and if they do decide to use it, I'll just ask if I can still release my 24 hour work for it as my first monthly EP on my bandcamp page. If you would like all of my old stuff since 2000, visit my bandcamp page here. I have yet to get my mixing board an A/C cord so that I may finally start having more "Noise Diaries" collections as well as "8-Bit Armageddon" releases with guitar added. I'm a bit rusty but I'd like to explore new grounds soon ;)

November was Pendulum ep, December will be Pixels II ep, and January will be Somnium EP. Pixels II and Somnium will make up Delirium II and I'm not sure about Postmortem and Pendulum's coupled up name. Feb = Promethius ep, Mar = Monolith ep, and April will be Zenith ep. There will be a very special full album suprise in May 2019.