On April 5-8, 2018, I learned as the only person close enough to Boston to get here on time, everyone loves our game. Sure I just did the music but this has been a dream to be part of something like this ever since even I myself was the age of our mastermind Jakub. The two publishers flew me out the 4th to Boston, Massachusettes in a region of the United States that I have never seen before. I went ahead and paid some myself to bring my girlfriend along and turn her into a fiancee before the weekend was over with.

Jakub is a 19-year-old prodigy and a great guy. I felt pretty bad that I was the only one that could make it, but in spirit I texted them more than hourly about how well we were doing here, and a video guy in Poland was able to bring Jakub via 32" LED Screen in a nice personal-style production: