Cherry Rounders was an accidental mild fame. When I was first learning computer music which I started seriously recording in 2000, there was always the year before, 1999. My band was still together, but drums were out of commission. So we drove around taping ourselves doing ridiculous songs and speeding them up on a different tape. I then came home and decided to do the same on my own with mildly pre-written material. This was also to test all of my computer software and new equipment (well, a yamaha keyboard and some wires and a mic) before I started doing serious stuff. The vocals were sped up because I didn't want to work too much on my voice, and didn't think I could sing as well as friends said.

So long story short, I made some tracks, touched-up some songs in 2000 on days where I wasn't feeling a serious vibe, and one of them got sucked into the world of napster since it shared every mp3 on your computer. This first brought a fanclub in 2001 where I guess people were typing "poop" in the search bar and finding my "I Eat Poop" song. It blew up before things went viral and I will never know just how many people it reached. There are two videos of it on youtube, one with over 60K, and the other 100K views. There are also videos of random people lip-syncing to it or dancing to it. In 2001, my friend called and said there was a fanclub devoted to me on Yahoo! Groups, back when that was a thing.

I freaked out from my first fanbase and wanted to give people what they wanted. In a Yahoo! Group founded by Patrick Skerret from Chicago, Illinois, there were people actually saying hey, make an album, I'll totally buy it! So off and on, then a whole month in 2003, I worked on redoing a lot of the songs and making some more "adult" ones for EL PEE, which was going to be his official album, complete with the original napster classic as a bonus track. Well, I printed some CD-Rs and uploaded a couple of songs on Youtube's 20MB limit, then just randomly lost interest. I started college in 2003 and forgot about it for the most part. I didn't think so many people were fans yet, because there were no numbers of downloads on napster.

In 2007, I resurrected this beast of an idea after a myspace and newgrounds posting had huge amounts of listeners and comments. All of these uploads were by other people, and never myself. I decided to make a story, called Welcome to the Wonderful World of Cherry Rounders featuring 12 small EPs spanning four discs. I wrote each song with placeholders here and there and came up with the epilogue and sequel, Cherry Rounders In Space. I even paid people to make artwork for these. Unfortunately, I again after making several websites and recording several songs, lost interest. Will and Jerry was born in 2008. We took over some of the songs and offered I Eat Poop 2000 as a hidden track, in reminiscence of my classic feat. But if you ever wanted any of the songs, bandcamp has them.

Will and Jerry, formerly Wenis, began in January of 2008 as a comedic duo of just two guys having fun with Will's recording equipment. Halfway through our recording process, by next year in 2009, Will Henry was going to be called to the guards overseas for duty, and wanted this released as a real album. He gave me full creativity to do whatever I wanted with no limits, and just wanted to see where I could go with it. I may have gotten a bit out of hand in places, so some songs were dropped. I went the nerd route and all the things I made fun of people seemed to get the wrong idea and think I was promoting. Unfortunately, since it was rushed because Will had to leave, we printed 1000 copies and handed them out free. The reception was great! Zero complaints on the touch-ups needed and zero complaints on the comedy other than we went too far in places. It was a politically incorrect vomit on the world that a lot of locals got to enjoy. Our work and moving and other factors like my new family led to it being cut off for the longest time, but now as I type this in 2018 we're getting ready with songs for when we have a way to record in some nice quality, then we're good to go for a new approach. It will be cleaner and smarter, but still funny. There will still be sci-fi stories and raunch, just not as much raunch. Think bloodhound gang meets stephen lynch and grows up a little bit.

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