In 2003 I began studying Multimedia at ITT Technical Institute. I ended my studies December of 2005 with my Associate's Degree of Applied Science in Multimedia. The 3rd and 4th year would have been the official Game Design courses. Unfortunately, that school was incredibly too expensive, there were only seven people in our class, things got a little out of hand, and people just fought. It was also a little fishy that halfway through the first year the FBI busted in, school was cancelled for the day, and a lot of paperwork was gone through for them lying on stock numbers and you could pretty much slack off the whole 4 years and graduate. This was actually pretty sad and disappointing. Needless to say, with all of the great grades I got, I didn't feel I had earned them, and gave up on making video game soundtracks for about ten years until Project Warlock came about and pulled me onboard for the greatest feat I've conquered in years. I still am not sure if I earned my degree, but our classes apparently were the only ones to pull out working games here. I overdid every project from boredom of what we were supposed to do, scored 100's pretty much all the way and still have all eight highest honors certificates. I also might mention I passed the HTML/Web Design class in one class period. My teacher used my answers from the entire book for the teacher's manual since he lost his. So it wasn't a total lost cause, because three games came out of this. Also, some pretty ridiculous video projects happened when I was trying more to entertain and show off skills at the same time to earn some cool points, rather than actually do something serious. Of course, I graduated with a 3.83 and was actually capable of landing a few jobs with my transcript. By the way, all of the students that worked on these are with me in the credits within the games.

Our games went as follows: No Limits Blackjack (2005) with the "Euphoria" soundtrack, Thanatos (2005) with the "Songs From Orion" soundtrack, and finally our Capstone Project was Sin Harvest (2005 again) with the "Songs From Orion 2" soundtrack. The soundtracks for the latter two had way more songs made for them than we actually needed. Orion software was just magical to use honestly. I had never known of piano roll software, though I always dreamed of something like this existing before the great search for something that did things similar. The best of the three videos I think was the second, Rats of America. The other two were the Broadcast Graphics assignment, The G Chip, and then for the Audio/Video Editing Techniques I made up my own movie trailer instead of a pre-existing film, with permission. The teacher's face was red as he laughed his ass off with the students, and I got a great grade again. So either the school lied and my lofi videos were still lofi and turds, or I'm a complete badass, one of the two.
(Videos being re-rendered to descent sized MP4s for sharing soon)